Register now to gain 15 CPD points from DHCR – Dubai Healthcare City Regulation.

King’s College Hospital London, UAE is pleased to announce that by attending the symposium, delegates will gain 15 CPD points from DHCR – Dubai Healthcare City Regulation.

King’s College Hospital London, UAE will continuously endeavor to provide quality accredited programs by collaborating with prestigious scientific organizations such as London Neuroscience Academy.

We are committed to ensuring that all of the scientific content presented as part of the International Symposium of Neurology and Neurosurgery is comprised of innovative topics that are relevant to disciplines being addressed. We aim to ensure that research and technologies are highlighted to present a holistic picture so that the conference can advance the participants’ competence, skills and knowledge within their specific discipline.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation forms an integral part of fulfilling this commitment. By attending an accredited conference, delegates can be certain that the content of that conference has been well researched to ensure its relevance and suitability for the target audience. Furthermore, they can also be assured that the scientific content and the overall objectives of the conference have met or surpassed the stringent guidelines and standards of the relevant health authority in this case the DHCR – Dubai Healthcare City Regulation.

ISNN 2018